Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Waterworks

Two new mixed media distressed paintings

Clean Water, mixed media distressed paint, July 16, 2011(8" x 8")

I'm still hopping to put together a show of all "The Waterworks," including the mixed media distressed paintings, photo montages, and pastels. Meanwhile, these very small artworks should move better than the larger pieces. So, I'm cranking them out.

Life Without Clean Safe Water, mixed media distressed paint, July 16, 2011 (8" x 8")

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"All These Thoughts"

I finished the first in a new batch of the small mixed media distressed paintings yesterday. All of these little works (part of a larger body of mixed media distressed paintings) are 8 x 8 inch squares. Hopefully many people will be able to purchase these inexpensive artworks. I so enjoy the process of working on the distressed paintings because of their accidental nature. It is so difficult to predict what will happen in each layer of the painting, and I maintain control over that through hard-lined division of space based on the American Precisionist paintings of people like Charles Demuth. This batch of paintings is part of the "Waterworks," all art about WATER in capital letters, the ocean, fresh water lakes, rivers! Because I live near two beaches and coastal water systems I have become supremely aware of the threat our litter and use of dirty energy poses to water, to all aquatic life, and by extension to all life on earth, including each and every human being. My hope is that everyone becomes more aware of the necessity of unpolluted water to their very existence on this earth!