Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peace on Earth

During the Christmas season, 2010, Lighthouse Art Center where I teach sponsored an Exhibition that was underwritten by Mrs. Kathryn W. Davis. Ms. Davis is 103 years old and she continues to do her own work. The winner of first place in the exhibit, Ahni Sallaway brought her work all the way from Annapolis, Maryland. For that exhibit I created a mixed media distressed painting titled “Pacem in Terris.” I’ve since discovered that for many people the title conjures visions of Pope John XXIII encyclical of the same title in which he outlines his ideas for establishing world peace. I have no problem with that. However, my vision was to stress inclusiveness of all religion and human spirituality under God, who resides with all of us, no matter our religion. I know immediately that makes me something other than Christian in the mind of many a fundamentalist. Sad, isn’t that. I doubt that Jesus himself would see it their way.

Peace to all.

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