Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LGBT Pictionary: Part II

Sapphic means "poetic, and or relating to Sappho." The word "sapphic" is based on the ancient Greek poetess, Sappho who wrote magnificent works to women, and is assumed to have been lesbian, or at least bisexual.

The mixed media distressed painting is a small work, 8: x 8.” It is floating in a 10” square frame with a 1” space around it. The “floating” framing technique makes the artwork look as though it is hovering in space, a look I like for the small works in the LGBT Pictionary.

Several people have suggested turning this project into a book, and I like the idea. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to begin such a process. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to begin such a project? I already have 32 artworks, and more in process. However, I need help with who to talk to, presentation for getting the appropriate people (company) on board to create the book.

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